The Devil's Powder

Heroin and Drug addictions. In truth this is the Devil's Powder and becomes a part of the terrible chains of Satan that bind a life to weakness, to shame and misery. How many indeed are caught in this Satanic trap! You will see them all around you. You might even be one that is caught in this yourself. In the Holy Injil there is a story of a man whose only son was in the grip of evil spirits and he came to Malik Isa Masih saying "If you can do anything, have mercy on us and help us!" Isa Masih answered saying "I can! If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes" - that is believes on and in Isa Masih. Then Isa Masih commanded the spirits to leave and the man's son was immediately set free and healed.
Is this your cry? Do you know those who cry like this "If You can do anything, Oh Isa! Have mercy on us and help us" - these programmes of the Devil's Powder are for you and those you want to see set free. God has used these programmes now in many languages in the lands all around you.
In the Name of Malik Isa Masih we present for you "The Devil's Powder".

The Devil's powder