Pashto Bible / Injil

This Pashto Bible - The Holy Injil tells us of the ministry of Malik Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) from the beginnings of the world to this present day and beyond!

A ministry of healing and salvation, God meets our needs today through the Holy Injil, explains to us the miraculous death and resurrection of Malik Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) who died and lived for us! It attests to the events of the past, and of those yet to come.

Inspired by God, the Injil is recorded and written by the followers of Malik Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) and has been translated into more languages than any other book (e.g. the Urdu Bible).

The original texts in Koine Greek have been directly translated into the Pashto Language and are made available here for you to read online and to listen to!

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Pashto Injil (New Testament):

Pashto Tawrat & Prophets (Old Testament):

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